Saturday, July 29, 2006

This time the trail was from Kanheri caves to Tulsi lake. A rapelling practice session was planned near the Tulsi lake. The trail also included a walk through a 300 meter pitch dark tunnel, barely 6 ft high, infested with big lizards and bats. Constructed by the British in mid 19th century, this was meant to carry overflowing water from Tulsi lake.

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Introduction near Kanheri Caves. Fairly good number of new comers and first timers. A new couple, Amit and Sushma joins Nature Knights

Off to the forest
Welcoming us in the bushes were a couple of peafouls and a hare
The first session. A steep descent. Climbing down using the 'Mawla' technique. Shivaji's soldiers were known to be specialists in this technique

Continues our journey through the forest
Descends and ascends....

The first break near a waterbody. Numerous butterflies in varying colours and designs makes it interesting

Walk continues after the break
After a short while, it was time for another break
Entrance of the tunnel. Everyone gets ready and is instructed to walk in a line, without touching the walls

A broken part of the tunnel and some sunlight
After the 300 mt tunnel, it was a canal till Tulsi lake

Towards the end, the canal cuts right through a huge rock...
...and connects to the lake

Shyam loses no time in grabbing a bite Prior to the rapelling session, Asif takes the team through various rope management techniques
Rapelling down

Back at Kanheri